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A new plastics era

BioAstra has a suite of smart materials that revolutionizes plastics as we know it. From Fashion, to Packaging and Farming our products provide comfort, protection and stretch, for us and all living organisms we share our planet with.

We work with brands and manufacturing partners to replace traditional polyurethane plastics like films, foams and stretch materials with smart, phase switching, biobased and compostable alternatives. Bioastra's Smart Polymer Platform will be a key building block for a smarter, healthier and circular economy. 

Smart polymer

Safe and Exceptional performance

Plastics are a 20th century technological marvel that have the propelled the world forward from household goods to space craft. However, plastics pollution is pervasive in our environment and in our bodies.

BioAstra's materials build on that technological marvel of progress, with the ability of delivering exceptional function whilst ensuring our materials are healthy for us and for the planet. Moreover, our materials can be produced on existing machinery and can be added to the conventional recycling stream or biodegrade at the end of its life.



Recycling through phase switching

At its end-of-life, any product or part made from our materials can be recycled through phase switching. No more energy intensive heat, pressure or crushing; a simple phase switch will turn your product into a soft pulp that can be repurposed for a new life creating an endless loop. This smart recycling method will create a new paradigm in recycling, making it simpler, more cost effective and more sustainable.

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