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Our suite of patented bio-based BioElastomers replace traditional polyurethane as fibre, film, foam, elastic band, or adhesive. Our Bioelastomers:

  • Mimic elasticity, recovery and durability

  • Compost fully and are biodegradable

  • Separate / dissolve from fabrics or solid structures for ease of recycling

  • Have no petrochemicals or other toxic substances in material or in production.

  • Are produced in a water free process

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Bounces like foam and provides protection

BioFoam can replace any traditional foam whether bouncy or rigid. From apparel to home textiles, mattresses and automotive applications.

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Stretches like elastic and recovers easily

BioStretch can be added to fabrics to make them stretchable. Through phase switching it is easy to recycle the fabric as BioStretch will easily dissolve in a recycling plant.


Keeps it together till you no longer need it to

BioAdhesive is a hot-melt adhesive that can be used in the paper and textile industry and is ideal for applications that require end-of-life recycling or disassembly.

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