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Cutting edge 21st Centruy meets  

Smart Polymers will be to the Circular Economy what the Steam Engine was to the Industrial Revolution. 

•8% of the Total Plastic Production Worldwide

•Generates 1.3 Million tons of Waste in the US alone/year

•Highly Versatile Material used widely across Apparel, Packaging, Medical, Engineering and Consumer Sectors

•Petrochemical-Based. Non-Recyclable and Biodegradable

•Key Ingredient – Isocyanate – is a Controlled Substance in all major jurisdictions. Potential health hazard.

•Supply Chain Disruptions in Isocyanate worldwide leading to higher prices and shortages since 2020.

•Alternatives on the market:

•Polybutylene Terephtalate: Petrochemical-derived elastomer that is industrially compostable.  Not bio-based and degradable only in industrial compost. Not accepted at most composting facilities.

•CruzFoam:  based on Chitin  or Starch are home compostable but with zero elongation

Inspired by Nature

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Inspired by age old wisdom

On the island of Santorini the people have kept their homes cool by whitewashing the exterior of their homes.  

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